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Revitalize. Rehabilitate. Promote

Revitalize. Rehabilitate. Promote

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A small business Chamber membership cost of $350 translates to about $4,475 in FREE marketing opportunities. Where else are you getting a 1200%+ return on your investment? Add the value of networking, hundreds of member-to-member discounts and exclusive member benefit programs and your return on investment is PRICELESS!.

Here are just a few of the benefits…

  • First and foremost, the DBA is a member driven organization. It’s made up of merchants, and all of the goals and initatives are a product of the members geared to directly have a positive financial impact on their businesses!
  • Ability to participate in creative marketing campaigns and events that promote Downtown Bethlehem as a destination, featuring your business and increasing your bottom line.
  • Shared advertising costs for a wider reach that’s more economical for small businesses.
  • Opportunity to participate in Downtown Bethlehem Gift Certificate program. If you’re not a member, it’s a $25,000 pool of money that you’re missing out on!
  • Be the weekly featured business on the Bethlehem facebook page. It  is maintained by the DBA and has more than 12,000 fans.
  • FREE ParknShop during the holiday season for all Historic District member merchants. For some businesses this a $1000+ savings  more than 7x the cost of membership! On the Southside, the DBA has negotiated FREE PARKING at the meters on Saturdays during the holiday season.
  • Member to Member discounts. 10% off all products and services at other member businesses. This discount is extended to your entire staff!
  • Our geographic location and business network provides our members with easy access to community leaders
  • Camaraderie: “There is something motivational, energizing and comforting when there is a team or support network working on behalf of individuals and the group.”  Bob Gilly, D’Huy Engineering
  • Public Relations: Access to a staff member who is charged with promoting Downtown Bethlehem and is a liaison with the city. This means the members don’t have to do all the work! Let us be your support system!

What are you waiting for?

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Members of the Downtown Bethlehem Association have a fulltime Chamber staff liaison dedicated to the DBA council. This individual has various responsibilities, including:

  • Events – Plans, advertises, coordinates volunteers, distributes promotional material
  • Administrative – Facilitates regular communications with members.
  • Advertising – Negotiates discounted rates for members. Many opportunitiesare FREE to members!
  • Holiday Planning – Markets the downtown districts for the holidays,coordinates plans/events with various organizations
  • DBA Representation – Represents the DBA at Chamber functions, orientation programs, community events, etc.
  • New Initiatives – Planning and implementation of events that expose Downtown Bethlehem, and ultimately YOUR business to new audiences

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